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It’s time to get your mojo smokin’! Smokin' Mojos are a lively 4-piece band from the South East, suitable for all your live music requirements! The conscientious band was formed in the autumn of 2010, and the foundations were quickly laid for a blend of blues, country, soul and rock music, together with the unique, flavours, spices and influences of the individual band members. 

With their sets designed to please a large range of listening desires, they regularly cover a vast selection of songs that cover the early 20th century through to the modern day, and are even known to include the occasional Smokin’ Mojos original, ensuring that they have a song to suit every occasion!​​

Based in Kent, the band is available to play all over the Kent, East Sussex and South East London regions, and are available to travel further afield at cost. They are fully equipped with their own PA system where required, which is suitable for small and medium venues.


So if you’re looking for live music for your event, be it pub, festival, charity event, private/corporate party, wedding, or anything in between, then head over to our Booking/Contact page, as Smokin’ Mojos are the band that you’ve been looking for! They look forward to hearing from you.

Meet the band...

SM QRRA 05_edited_edited.jpg

  Bob Brook - Guitar, Vocals, Bass & Harmonica

12 PWCA Gig_edited.jpg

  Phil Townsend - Drums & Vocals

Smokin' Mojos John

  John Card - Guitar & Vocals

Smokin' Mojos Will

  Will Jones - Bass & Vocals

The extended Mojos family...

Norman Hoskins - Bass & Guitar  

Norman Hoskins

Nigel Wallace - Bass, Guitar & Vocals  

Nigel Wallace

Liam Watt - Guitar & Keys  

Liam Watt

Smokin' alumni...

John Lacey

  John Delipps - Bass & Vocals

Paul Rodgers

  Paul Rodgers - Drums

Chris Jolly

  Chris Jolly - Guitar

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