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For more information, any questions you may have, and all booking enquiries, please contact Smokin' Mojos on the form below:

Alternatively, you can contact the band on 07984 936002, where Phil will be able to assist you with your request.

Thanks for submitting!

Smokin' Mojos will typically provide (2x) 45-60 minute sets, or (3x) 40 minute sets depending on requirements, with short 15-20 minute breaks between sets. They are a multi genre band, with their music based around Blues, Country, Soul and Rock, and will create emphatic set lists for you. When not provided by the venue, the band use fully PAT tested PA and lighting rigs where required. If you're booking for smaller and/or quieter venues, the band are also available in an acoustic "unplugged" format, and can provide options in reduced size if so required. Please make sure to specify this, if required, when making your enquiry or booking.

Frequently asked questions

What type of music do you play, and long do you play for?

We are a 4-piece band (two guitars, bass and drums), specialising in a mixture of blues, country, soul & rock band, covering songs from Muddy Waters to Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton to Creedence Clearwater Revival, Ben E. King to Prince, Neil Diamond to the Rolling Stones. Take a look at the "Gigs & Media" page to see and hear us, and see the "Songs" page for better idea of our current list of songs for the year. We generally do (2x) one-hour sets, with a break in-between, although this can be shortened or extended to better suit your needs for your event if required.

Where are you based, and where will you travel to?

The band are based in Maidstone, and are available to play anywhere within a one hour radius of Maidstone, but we are available for venues further afield for a small additional cost.

What time do you arrive and finish?

We are flexible based upon the setup needs of your event, but as a general rule we aim to arrive at least an hour before our start time. We allow for our load-in, set-up and sound-checks before we begin, so any issues regarding venue access are required to be informed to us in advance. Finish time will depend on the number of live sets required, and also subject to your requirements and the entertainments license of the venue.

We're a small venue, what options do we have?

We have a very flexible setup, enabling us to commit to a multitude of situations. This ranges from the standard 5 piece electric or acoustic setups, through to solo acoustic. If you're not certain of what will best suit your requirements, we can help you decide, just drop us a message on our Contact/Booking page, and we can move forward from there.

What time should the band start playing?

This is completely up to you and your schedule on the day. For evening events, we find it's often best to start the band at between 8pm-9pm but this is purely a guide.

What type of events are you suitable for?

We've performed at pubs, social clubs, weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and festivals throughout Kent, South East London and East Sussex, and providing the client knows what music we specialise in and that is what is wanted, we're suitable for pretty much anything!

How long are the intervals between sets?

Our intervals tend to be about 15 minutes long, but this can be longer to suit your requirements on the day, although we highly recommend no longer than 30 minutes between sets.

Will you play encores?

We will play a maximum two song encore where required. For longer and/or repeated encores we do require a top-up fee to cover our extended time. For more information on this please contact us.

How much do you charge?

The fee for your event will be based on a number of factors including time, location and band overheads. We pride ourselves on being competitive with our price, and what we won't do is set out to rip a client off -  our reputation is everything. So get in touch and let us know your requirements and we'll see what we can do.

Do Smokin' Mojos provide their own PA system/Sound equipment?

If your venue already has a suitable PA setup, then Smokin' Mojos are happy to use that. We will provide our own microphones and stands. However, we are self-contained, and able to provide suitable sound equipment for ourselves, for small to medium venues where required.

I'd like to enquire about hiring the band, what should I do next?

Booking the band begins with an enquiry and a quote. We will need to check that the date requested is free, and if so we will email back a quote to you. If you're happy with the price then we can go about booking the date for you, and once it's secure we will arrange contracts to help give you peace of mind (in person if distance is not an issue). For private functions we'll take a small deposit and that's that. Please use the Contact form above or use on of the variety of options in which to get in touch with the band. We look forward to hearing from you!

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