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For more information, any questions you have, and for all booking enquiries, please contact Smokin' Mojos on the form below:

Smokin' Mojos will typically provide (2x) 45-60 minute sets, or (3x) 40 minute sets depending on requirements, with short 15-20 minute breaks between their sets. They are a multi genre band, with their music based around Blues, Country, Soul and Rock, and will create emphatic set lists for you, with all five members providing vocals. They use fully PAT tested PA and lighting rigs where required/not provided by the venue. If you're booking for smaller and/or quieter venues, they are also available in an acoustic "unplugged" format, and can provide options in reduced size if so required. Please make sure to specify this, if required, when making your enquiry or booking.

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Success! Message received. We shall be in touch very soon!

Alternatively, to speak to the band direct, please contact Phil on:

Mobile: 07984 936002

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Smokin' Mojos Code of Conduct

As a band, we understand the importance of following certain rules and guidelines relating to our conduct and professionalism.  We have outlined below our minimum commitment to our clients who have been gracious enough to book Smokin’ Mojos for their entertainment:


As a band, we will arrive on time, at least one hour prior to commencement of our performance (earlier if possible), at the venue.

 As a band, we will perform to the best of our capabilities.

As a band, we guarantee that we will make every effort to work with the client inside all sensibility, to be gracious and obliging with the client, their visitors and all scene staff and temporary workers.

As a band, and individuals, during the time we are at the venue we will observe neutrality with regard to any political or religious affiliations.

As a band, we consent to provide all equipment required to undertake the engagement, unless the hardware has been agreed to be provided by the client or other.

As a band, during engagements with multiple bands, we agree to vacate the performance arena in a timely fashion as to not impede the following performers.

It is our duty as a band to guarantee the working order of our own equipment.

As a band, we will perform to a pre-agreed period of time.

Any extension of performance time (excluding a two song encore), will only be undertaken by a additional pre-agreed financial imbursement.

The content of our performance will be controlled solely by the band, and we will not allow non-members of the band to participate in any on stage interactions, thus forming part of the band.

As a band, we confirm that our fee is comprehensive of all costs (with the exception of those that have been agreed with the client), including engagement privileges, and travel costs to and from the venue.

As a band, we will not under any condition partake of any unlawful medication or drug use before, during nor immediately after the execution of the engagement, and when the client or their visitors are present.

As a band, we will forgo excessive drinking before, during and immediately after the execution of the engagement, and when the client or their visitors are present.

As a band, we will abide by any of the clients rules that adhere to the venue.

As a band, we at the time of consenting to an engagement agreement should not be under any agreement to an outsider that may prevent us from satisfying the engagement.

As a band, we should be appropriately dressed for the engagement, aside from with the consent of the client or where the wearing other clothing is considered to be a vital piece of our performance.

As a band, we acknowledge full obligation regarding keeping up our own Public Liability Insurance, our own hardware protection, vehicle protection, and for completing Portable Appliance Testing of any electronic hardware if legally required.

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