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“What a great day! 4 hours of music from a relaxed and friendly duo with a chilled acoustic vibe. We were all entertained with a combination of classic and modern hits galore - which had the crowd singing along and joining in... can't wait to see them again!"


- Maria Bourner (saw The J&B Project at The Wheel Inn, Etchingham) -

Are you after a smaller or more stripped-down act for your event or party? If you're after a more acoustic feel to your booking, we have you covered! Whether that's the stripped-back Smokin' Mojos Unplugged or the story-telling vibe of Smokin' Mojos frontman Bob Brook, check out below for more details, then head over to our contact page to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Smokin' Mojos Unplugged

Say what you feel, love who you love, 'cause you just get so many trips 'round the sun, yeah, you only live once!

"I want to book Smokin' Mojos, but we don't have sufficient space for a full band..." well, fret no more as the answer you're looking for is right here! All the Blues, Country, Soul and Rock magic of the full Smokin' Mojos lineup, but now available acoustically, with a much smaller footprint.

Offering you the full Mojos songbook, in an alternative and classy unplugged styling, allowing you to have the full Smokin' Mojos experience in a compact package - a different option that may be more ideal for smaller venues such as cafés, coffee shops, micropubs etc, as well as an alternative option for pubs, clubs and festival events!


Smokin' Mojos Acoustic
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Bob Brook

Smokin' Mojos Bob

Just flyin' wherever it wants to go, you know, being free. I think everybody wants to be a free bird!

One man, one guitar… Bob Brook, the frontman of the Smokin’ Mojos, is passionate about music and performing live for everyone! Loving the way music and songs can transport you back to a particular time in your life, and make you feel a certain way, the music he plays aims to have you singing along and leaving the venue with a happy warmth in your heart.

Bob is available for house parties, micro-pubs, pubs and festivals, so head across to the contact page and book him now!

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