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Tin/Aluminium Anniversary...?

So here we are, a new decade! Goodbye to the 2010's, hello to the 2020's! The Smokin' Mojos team would like to wish absolutely everybody, wherever you are, a very Happy New Year! We hope it brings you so much happiness and fortune!

As for Smokin' Mojos, what will 2020 bring? Well if we knew that we could make ourselves incredibly rich! But as we don't we will just let you know what we DO know, and that is that 2020 will see our 10th Anniversary on Friday 23rd October... seems like as good a reason as any for a celebration, so watch out for that!

Also keep an eye out for something a bit different, as Smokin' Mojos Unplugged takes flight this year, this means if you have a very restricted space, for example micro pubs, or house parties, you can still book your friendly neighbourhood Mojos!

So, from Blue Steel, The Cowboy, The Beat and Air Miles... have a fantastic year, and we'll see you soon!

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